Lucas Arts announces Lego Star Wars III The Clone Wars

The Lego series has taken a bit of a side rode going to franchises like Batman and Indiana Jones, but the series is returning to the franchise that made them big, Star Wars.

Lego Star Wars III The Clone Wars will feature characters from the animated TV series along with other popular characters from the rest of the rest of the Star Wars series. Along with characters they will be adding a all new battle mode, an upgraded level builder, and all new abilities.

The title will be hitting all major platforms and is currently set for a TBA date.

3 thoughts on “Lucas Arts announces Lego Star Wars III The Clone Wars”

  1. im gonna nag a little about this;

    1.they made lego starwars why bring more sure its bout the clone wars but shouldn’t lucas arts give it a rest

    2.they all get kinda boring due to the fact you get the same characters and same plot.

    3.ending on a positive note they better introduce light saber throwing that would be fun annoying the other guy on co-op.

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