Lufia DS trailer

Lufia DS, a re-imagining of Lufia II,  looks to be shaping up pretty well. The trailer focuses a lot on gameplay and it looks fast and hectic although the AI just kind of seems to stand around from the trailer.

You can see some of the character comboing they were talking about in this trailer for extra damage.  Although I’ve always found it hard to quickly switch from buttons to touch screen when playing action games.

The title is set for a release on the 25th in Japan and has yet to be announced outside of Japan.


(Source: Siliconera)

4 thoughts on “Lufia DS trailer”

  1. I thought Lufia II was a traditional turn-based RPG. This looks to be an action RPG. Changing the entire battle system is pretty big step forward in the world remakes as I can’t think of a single company that’s had the guts to change a game THAT drastically when remaking it. Also, Lufia never looked as appealing to me as it does now.

    1. It is not so much a remake more of a reimaging. Think Silent Hill: Shattered Memories on Wii where they took the most basic elements from the first game and ran off with it in a very different direction.

  2. Even though I was looking forward to an exact remake to Lufia II, this game still looks pretty good so far. Who knows, maybe Nintendo will decide to release the original games on VC depending on how well this one does.

  3. Looks pretty great I will probably get it
    I have only played maybe 1/4 of the original and this game looks kinda cool and will probably feel like a whole new game now
    Also Guy and Artea look sweet

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