Mega Man 10 release date, Special Weapons, and Easy/Normal mode comparasion

Today we found out Mega Man 10 is only a few weeks away. Wii owners can expect to pick up the title first on March 1st (1,000 points), PlayStation 3 owners will be grabbing it second on March 11th ($9.99), and Xbox 360 owners will be the last to grab the title on March 31st (800 MS points).

Capcom also announced all the special weapons for Mega Man 10 and a new ” Mega Man Challenges” mode that essentially acts as a training mode. You can check out more details for each weapon in the gallery along side some Mega Man Challenges screen shots.

Last but not least, Capcom went into details of the differences between the Normal mode and the Easy mode. Easy mode will have fewer hazards, enemies, and pitfalls. Items will be more effective, players will start with more lives, and checkpoints will be more frequent.

Enemy attack patterns also change between the modes. You can check out two comparison screen shots after the jump.

(Source: Capcom Unity Blog)
Thanks Carnage!

MM10 Normal
Normal Mode


Easy Mode

3 thoughts on “Mega Man 10 release date, Special Weapons, and Easy/Normal mode comparasion”

  1. I’m so looking forward for MM10. Water Shield looks neat and Cutter Wheel reminds me of Gator’s weapon from X2.

    I’m going to pass on easy mode. Looks too easy.

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