Metroid co-creator talks Metroid: Other M

Metroid: Other M is currently set to hit this year, but we still haven’t heard much beyond the original E3 announcement in 2009. While that still remains true today, Yoshio Sakomoto a co-creator of the original Metroid talked briefly with Famitsu about how the overall development is going and a little about what to expect from the games story.

As you probably already know, Nintendo and Team Ninja teamed up for this entry in the Metroid series, but another company called D-Rockets is handling the cutscenes for the title. Sakomoto said the project is fairly large in scale at this point and while development is “progressing extremly well” the project has seen some hiccups. Sakomoto continued to say that the team pushed through these issues and continued to work through them.

Sakomoto also touched on how the story unfolds in Metroid: Other M saying “…different from the rest of the series, this time we’re strongly depicting the human side of Samus through such things as movies. She’s a strong woman, but she also has a fragile side. We want to make a game whose charms can be felt from the story areas and these human touches as well. It’s an action game, but it’s capable of having a clear emotional side.

Sakomoto plans on finishing up the project sometime this year. Although the release is currently narrowed down to Summer 2010 in Japan.

(Source: andriasang)

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