Metroid: Other M leaked intro video

I wouldn’t even bother reading this. Just watch the video ASAP cause it will probably be brutally murdered by Nintendo soon.

But! If you do plan on reading this, here is some text to feed your eyes. This video also was tipped by a forum member as well.

The intro looks pretty good, although many people are pointing out the questionable voice acting. The game still has a few months down the line so things could improve, but it definitely is a bit concerning since Nintendo isn’t very experienced in the voice acting field.


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    Yeah, it looks slick as all get-out but I can’t disagree that some of the voicework is a little flat. Is it just me or did all the previous mute Samuseses display more emotion than talking Samus just did?

  2. I didn’t think the voice acting was that bad. I mean, its not like we have much to compare it to. Except for a few sound bytes in the Prime games and Brawl…

  3. Bear in mind this is clearly a recording of a playback. Audio quality is impacted by this and can drastically damage the actors performance. It can make a nuanced, well acted bit come out very flat and stale.

    1. I’ve read a few impressions and some of them said VA is just bad, but idk I could be wrong.

      I beat Baten Kaitos though, so I definitely can live through bad acting.

  4. Judging from what little I heard, it sounds like the game might be built perfectly to be inbetween 3 & 4. Just from that clip, the baby Metroid is shown and I know that doctor Samus was talking about was definetly Adam that came out in Fusion. I can’t wait 😀

  5. Woah. The Metroid just EXPLODES? o_O The VA’s aren’t AWFUL, but they do sound like someone’s reading off a card. Honestly, I’m still skeptical, but all we can do is wait.

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