N-Space’s Winter still has no publisher

N-Space’s Winter definitely looked promising when originally shown in 2007. Lots of publishers took interest in the title due to the fan fare, but  it has been fairly silent since then. N-Space’s  Ted Newman revealed the current status of the title. “Well we can’t avoid the pun, but any development on Winter has been frozen for the time being.

The publisher created a new build of the game in March of 2009 to show publishers and it “piqued the interest of a few publishers.” Unfortunately no one has bit yet, Ted Explains that “…it still comes down to the same dilemma of publishers being adverse to taking that risk and funding a hardcore Wii game that’s also a brand-new IP.

I can’t blame any publishers for not picking it up, especially considering most of the survival horror titles released on Wii late last year bombed pretty hard in the market.

If you haven’t seen the original footage of Winter be sure to take a peak, but keep in mind the footage is a few years old. Be aware it is a survival horror game, so it would have probably been rated M or Pegi 18.

(Source: Nintendo World Report)

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