Nintendo of America holding a Media Summit as well

Europe threw out a date for a Media Summit on February 25th, and now it is Nintendo of America’s turn. Nintendo of America has invited multiple press outlets to attend a Media Summit on February 24th.

Nintendo still hasn’t commented on what will be shown at the event. Hopefully we will get to see updated versions of some of the heavy hitter franchises coming out later this year.

Also, I have no idea if Reggie will be present.

(Source: IGN)
(Image Source: Wired)

5 thoughts on “Nintendo of America holding a Media Summit as well”

  1. IGN also has said “Last month, the Official Nintendo Magazine teased a big reveal for its next issue. Typically, details were scarce, but the publication promised it had “something very special lined up” and that readers should keep their collective eyes peeled for the March 12 release date”

    I think that means Nintendo will announce something big.

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