Nintendo trademarks “Wii No Ma” in North America

Nintendo is getting Netflix on the Wii soon, but if you aren’t a Netflix subscriber Nintendo might be offering you some video content via their own service.

Nintendo trade marked the Wii No Ma name in North America and Nintendo of America registered urls for and

The Wii No Ma channel is a service Nintendo has been offering Japan for about a year now. The service allows users to watch content specifically created for the service along with some more educational programs. The recent update allows viewers to watch some content including some movies, animes, and TV shows in Japan.

The service also allows users to make restaurant reservations and allows you to order a pizza from Pizza Hut then pick it up.  The trade mark also lists being able to play simple board card games and traditional board games through the service.

If the service makes it over here I don’t think they would keep the Wii No Ma name, but signs of it coming over is a good thing.

(Source: BrokeMyController)

2 thoughts on “Nintendo trademarks “Wii No Ma” in North America”

  1. Wow. So you’re saying if I lived in Japan I could’ve saved myself the 5 steps it’d take to get to the phone and made reservations through the wii?!

    Pretty stupid if you ask me. Doesn’t seem really useful at all.

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