Official Nintendo Magazine and Nintendo Power teasing surprises

Nintendo Power and Official Nintendo Magazine are teasing some kind of surprise in their listings for their next issues. Nintendo Power’s said “…there’ll be a few big surprises,” while listing off some other features for the next issue including WarioWare: DIY and Pokemon HG and Pokemon SS.

OMN had a more lengthy tease saying, “That’s right – I suggest you mark 12 March in your diaries now, as we have something very special lined up. That’s all I can say for now, so until then, enjoy the mag!”

What could it be? Who knows. We will just have to find out next month.

(ONM Source: GoNintendo)
(NP Source: GoNintendo)

One thought on “Official Nintendo Magazine and Nintendo Power teasing surprises”

  1. Don’t you mean ONM (Official Nintendo Magazine) and not OMN (Official Magazine Nintendo…?)?

    But isn’t Pokemon HG and SS coming out on March 12 semewhere?

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