21 thoughts on “Psychotaku – Magical Taruruto-kun!”


    Didn’t know he had another series. I’ll have to get round to watching this sometime.

    Also, thiat cardbo statue you have in the backgorund is win of the highest calibur.

        1. Really? I had heard Azuma Kiyohiko was displeased with the way they handled Azumanga Daioh (which is in my top 5 faves by the way) and was adamant that Yotsubato would never be animated.


          1. Never heard that before. I was assuming that they’d make an animé version when the manga finished (or close to finishing) Just like with Azumanga Daioh.

  2. Yeesssssss! Another episode.

    I love Manga and Anime, they are awesome.

    Not as awesome as Psychotaku though, would love to see a Psychotaku top 5 Anime episode someday.

  3. Awwww Taruruto-kun! ^_^ I sorta remember watching it back when I was a little kid… Maybe even own some things with Taruru-kun on it? And yes first thing I thought of was Doraemon, it’s one of my favourites animes of all times.Those animes from the 60′ to early 90′ are the best one IMHO.

    Oooh the childhood! *sigh*

    Great episode Psycho! Keep it up! <3

  4. Kawai- -shot-
    I mean, how cute~ ♥
    I would really like to watch that~ Hm, should probably learn some japanese so I can read the managa… I’ve always prefered Manga over anime…

  5. I was not expecting that when you were describing it but when you said shonen jump it brought back so many memories.
    Keep up the great stuff but maybe next time you can wait until after he says how to make the stone, eh never mind i don’t think any of us would want to wait that long to watch phychotaku so instead just cut him off sooner xD.

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