36 thoughts on “Psychotaku – Parodius”

  1. I’ve seen this game before, didn’t know what it was called though. Any shooter with a flying penguin is pretty great in my book.

    I wanted to see Falcon Freddie take off. D:

  2. Psychotaku needs moar Rai-kun in the future!

    Also, this has to be the most bizarre Gradius type game I have ever seen. I mean what’s with the chick that’s scrolling across the stage upside down?

  3. Haha, another great one, Psycho. Falcon Freddie’s Flight Deck was kinda fun…Ah well, now I now about another game not released in America! I love this guy. The F-104 Starfighter… nice.
    I still love the L O L while you laugh, mocking us…

  4. Another amazing Psychotaku video!
    I love these videos. They make me squee.
    I love Rai-Kun and I want to take him home and snuggle him. He’s adorable!

  5. Wait did I see that right? Was that one of those megaranger phones? I think I still have mine somewhere from when I was still into the show.
    Great job psychotaku though your blue friend creeps me out. 0_0

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