Rumor: Pokemon Company and other developers already have hands on DS2 dev kits

CVG spoke with an industry insider who says that the DS2 dev kits are out and in the hands of multiple developers, including The Pokemon Company.

Their insider has supposedly worked with the early dev kits of the platform saying “It’s genuinely the best thing I think I’ve ever worked with.

According to him, we can expect similar motion controls to the iPhone, but much improved over it. “I can tell you that it’s got a ’tilt’ function that’s not dissimilar to iPhone, but does a lot more. We know that The Pokemon Company are getting special attention with it.

Their source wouldn’t say more, but he did say he had doubts the platform will be revealed at GDC.

5 thoughts on “Rumor: Pokemon Company and other developers already have hands on DS2 dev kits”

  1. I’ll just say what I said at Smogon about this:
    “No, as there’s no way the next handheld would simply be called the “DS2” and if it’s not, that makes sense in absolutely no way, as there’s no way to mix up the Nintendo DS and it’s successor. The platform would have simply been listed as “unannounced” if it was going to be on the DS’s successor, instead of listing the “DS” itself.

    Plus, if the DS’s successor is just going to be coming out at the end of the year or later, there’s no way Game Freak would have had enough time to mess around with it and develop a new batch of games for it. From what it sounds like from that rumor, they would have just recently gotten it, meaning they announced the games before they made any significant progress on them at all, and are somehow going to learn the hardware and develop a game for it in a year or less. Yeah… not going to happen. Especially when the games are clearly listed as coming out on the “DS”, and not on an unknown or “TBA” console, as would be the case if that were really true.”

    In other words, it’s possible they have them now, but even if so, it has nothing to do with the 5th gen games.

    1. Darn you Shiron and your logic!!! But you do have a point, the CURRENT scheduled games are highly unlikely to ever grace the supposed “DS2”, but this is not to say future titles from publishers like the pokemon company won’t be using this new platform for these yet to even be concieved titles.

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