Rumor: Sonic to be playable in Super Mario Galaxy 2

According to Ngamer Magazine, Sonic is set to appear in the upcoming Super Mario Galaxy 2. The Tweet readsWe’ve just had some shocking news from an inside source at Nintendo: Sonic will be a playable character in Mario Galaxy 2! Wha?

They later tweeted that Sonic would have his own galaxy called the “Green Hill Galaxy.

I’m not sure what to think of this. This is their official twitter linked to their website CVG. They said that this information comes from a trusted source, but I don’t know. Sounds a bit out there, but at the same time Nintendo and SEGA are pretty close, especially when it comes to the Sonic franchise.

What do you think? Do you want to see Sonic and Mario team up in Super Mario Galaxy 2?

20 thoughts on “Rumor: Sonic to be playable in Super Mario Galaxy 2”

  1. Sounds really, really, REALLY fishy… but after they made a sequel to Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, I guess anything is possible.

    It would be pretty cool if it happened, though a bit weird. Again, though, it probably is just a rumor.

  2. I would absolutely LOVE a joint-platforming adventure with Sonic & Mario but no matter how trustworthy they claim their source to be, this is something I can’t believe until I see some official screen caps. Nintendo is far too protective of their IP’s to let news this big slip through anybody but themselves – and I would imagine that if any magazine was going to get the scoop first, it would be Nintendo Power, not Ngamer.

  3. I’m iffy about Sonic being playable, but the Green Hill Galaxy is pure gold. I would think Sonic would just make a cameo there, but not actually be playable.

    Unless you unlock Sonic when you beat the game with Mario (like with Luigi in Galaxy 1). I say it’s still fishy, though.

    1. Most don’t. If it is supposedly a insider from Nintendo as said then if they listed him he would be fired on the spot basically.

      That’s how most rumors work since no company likes their employees running around leaking things.

  4. Its a conspiracy i tells ya!!! Its all controlled by the government, man! First it starts with our tabloids, then our favorite films, then our t.v.,and now our videogames! THE CAKE IS THE ONLY TRUTH LEFT!!! Ahhhhhh!!! *runs away screaming* No, but in all truth i’ll wait till this confimred or not before i presume anything.

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