Sketchin’!! – Zoroa and Zoroark

People, people, please! Let us not be too quick to love this crazy hardcore evil fox-beast Pokémon! Now’s not the time for respect! Now’s the time for WACKY. We must slap around this new monster until it realizes it looks kind of goofy and behaves accordingly! Just think how much better the new movie would be if Zoroark kicked off its evil plan by going do-mi-doing in his do-mi-do duds. Think how great it would be if the show had an evil fox with a silly voice. That’s a world I want to live in, and you know you want to live in it too. So read on and see how we should properly welcome this new Pokémon!…


“YEAH GOOD LUCK WITH THAT! :D” What, you want a wallpaper? Well fine. There’s a bigger version here.


7 thoughts on “Sketchin’!! – Zoroa and Zoroark”

  1. ?:/ -> 😐 -> 🙂 -> 😮 -> 😀 -> 8D These were my continous reactions when i saw this (the fourth one was gas) But seriously ana you make the best stuff.

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