Sonic Classic Collection dated for Europe; a few new details

March 12th is when Sonic fans in Europe will want to mark their calenders for Sonic Classic Collection on Nintendo DS. The collection includes ports of the major Sonic Genesis / Megadrive titles including Sonic the Hedgehog 1 through 3 and Sonic & Knuckles, but there is some good news and bad news about this compilation.

The good news, there is a added quick save and quick load feature available that players can use almost all the time on the bottom screen. A few exceptions being certain hazardous areas. The bottom screen also contains story bits or other information related to the title.

The bad news, which honestly isn’t all that bad, is 2-player support has been dropped from the games in the collection that featured it. Honestly, you never really hear anyone talk about the 2-player mode in Sonic games nowadays, so I doubt it is a deal breaker. It might have been nice for some 2-player single cart play or something of the sort though.

(Mult cut source: GoNintendo)
(Release date source: ONM)
(Bottom Screen details: Siliconera)

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