Square-Enix says Final Fantasy probably won’t turn into a FPS

I know many of you lie awake at night fearing the possibility of Call of Fantasy: Final Warfare or wake up screaming after dreaming of playing Final Fantasy VIII in first person with the Gunblade. Square-Enix is here to make the nightmares stop.

Final Fantasy XIII’s designer and writer Motomu Toriyama was asked about the influences the Call of Duty franchise had on Final Fantasy XIII. While the genres are starting to overlap in terms of experiences a little bit, Toriyama assured fans the series probably won’t stray too far.”Final Fantasy as a series will probably never [adopt] a first person shooter style. The concepts the teams are always working with have the character always on screen and visually trying to make battles look exciting. Maybe a third person shooter style would be a more realistic fit with the Final Fantasy series.

I doubt we will see such a major shift in the series’ genre any time soon, unless its a spin off like Dirge of Cerberus of course, but I think the Final Fantasy series is going to get more and more action focused as we go on unless gamers tastes change.


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  1. Strange, when I was younger, I saw a trailer for this FPS that I thought was Final Fantasy. I wouldn’t have a problem with Final Fantasy being an FPS. Just as long as they kept some of the RPG Elements in and not make it look like Halo. >_>

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