Square-Enix says motion controls “too exhausting” for Final Fantasy games

According to Square-Enix’s Yoshinori Kitase the idea of a Final Fantasy game with motion controls isn’t too appealing for the company.

These new type of controllers are very interesting, but we’re not sure that people would like to spend up to 100 hours playing a conventional Final Fantasy title with these type of controllers.” explained Kitase.

It could be too exhausting if you were always swinging a sword around for battles. So we will have to see what the future holds.

I haven’t played No More Heroes 2, but I really liked in the original the idea of using buttons for attacks and then a quick motion for a finishing move. I wouldn’t mind seeing something similar in a Final Fantasy game.

In the mean time, if you want to get some Final Fantasy action mixed in with your love or interest for motion controls you will have to pick up Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers on Nintendo Wii.

(Source: CVG)

5 thoughts on “Square-Enix says motion controls “too exhausting” for Final Fantasy games”

  1. But this way, it would discourage people from playing the game from hours on end, but it would still give you some exercise. I remember my hands aching from hitting the bongos so much when playing Donkey Kong Jungle Beat.

    While it sounds stupid, at least motion controls are some sort of exercise (even if to the lightest extent). It’s immersive, too! Imagine if you were the character in the game, swinging a sword around all the time. If it was real life, the characters would be tired, too. There should just be an option for button controls if the player doesn’t want to use motion controls.

  2. Motion controls are horrible if you are playing a lengthy game. For me Zelda TP and Mario Galaxy are work out sessions. In the past I’d get free time and grind about 2-4 solid hours on a game. But after 4 hours of flailing my arms got sore. This was back when I had a more labor intensive job. So I was already coming home tired. I feel Galaxy and TP would have been 10x better if they had a classic/GC controller option. Natal puzzles me. The Wii only demands a simple flailing of the wrist. But Natal can demand the whole body. Ouch.

  3. I feel nearly the opposite of sagema, I felt that if motion controls are used in the right way that the game can feel more immersave like what Pictocheat said. I mean in TP the motion controls where so sensative that the slightest movement was noticed so Link would swing his sword so I never really felt tired after, regardless of time spent swinging (Or slightely shaking) the Wiimote, and TP can be just as long as most FF games in story length.

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