The Grinder no longer a Wii exclusive; hitting Halloween 2011

High Voltage Software was determined to create hardcore games on the Wii, and they somewhat succeeded with The Conduit which they released last year. The company also had another title in the pipe line for Wii, The Grinder. Now the title has been confirmed for heading to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC as well.

Bringing our third internal IP to all the current-generation systems allows us to show off what our company can really do and get it into the hands of the most gamers,” said High Voltage Software’s Eric Nofsinger.

The development team wouldn’t go into details about these new versions and told gamers to stay tune for some announcements coming at GDC.

The Grinder is currently planned to hit all consoles Halloween of 2011, so we still have quite some time till the title finally hits.

You can check out a new trailer after the jump.

(Source: IGN)

6 thoughts on “The Grinder no longer a Wii exclusive; hitting Halloween 2011”

  1. The conduit was a pretty good game though
    I am pretty bummed about this though as all my friends will probably get this and say that the 360 version is amazing and that its better then the others. Though I might just get it for the ps3 instead of the wii now though

    1. If they implement Sony’s motion controller as a control option then then it very well could be the same as the Wii version with better graphics and probably much better online.

      We will have to wait and see if they reveal major details at GDC.

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