TSG Podcast Episode 20

With us this time we have myself, Blackduck, Sonic, Ferenc, Rust, Britt, and a newcomer Diana!

In this rather delayed installment we discuss the new addition to our blog team, Psychotaku! We also discuss Project Needlemouse, the new ops and why it was done, our latest played games, and we answer some podcast questions. Keep an ear out for the obvious edits *cough*Pepsi*cough*


25 thoughts on “TSG Podcast Episode 20”

  1. Do I feel like this was a long time ago made…since the project countdown was done a LONG time ago.

    Umm…Britt, go play Sonic Adventure. Go play as the one with the “long roboty name”.

    A System Britt? As long as it’s not controlled by the Patriots. But it’s a pretty good system for members to show their colors…bad pun.

    Epic Ending

  2. If I recall, Blue Sphere has 134 million + levels. My roommate wanted to beat them all, until I looked up how many there were. He was a little discouraged.

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