Two 5th gen Pokemon confirmed

When I woke up this morning I found a text from Rob which informed me that the silhouetted mystery Pokemon had been revealed. I quickly logged onto Serebii to find not only the silhouetted Pokemon but also its pre evolution. At the time it was only a rumor from a Japanese image board but it has since been confirmed by CoroCoro.

From Serebii,
“First, the pre-evolution Pokémon is called
Zorua/ Zoroa (ゾロア) and is a Dark-type Pokémon. Its classification is Evil Fox Pokémon, it is 0.7m tall and 12.5kg
Secondly, the Pokémon in the sihlouette is said to be called
Zoroark/Zoroaaku (ゾロアーク)and is also a Dark-type Pokémon. Its classification is Monster Fox Pokémon,….
It also confirms that the 13th movie is to be called Phantom Champion Zoroark.”


Images of the two new Pokemon after the break!


18 thoughts on “Two 5th gen Pokemon confirmed”

  1. Well, even though we all knew that 5th gen was comming, I’m still impressed with thses new Pokemon. I really like the disign of Zorua. It might be the evil fox Pokemon, but it sure is cute.

  2. D’aww, how cute… powerful, too, seeing how its getting a movie named after it.

    I’ve been expecting Gen 5 for a while now, but I must say I thought it would be a lot more weird or out-of-place looking than this. Gives me a lot to look forward to!

    Also… Gen 5… Gen 1 was new when I was a kid. Makes me feel older than I really am.

  3. Awesome Pokemon, but (being really picky here) the only thing I don’t like on Zorua is the “eyebrows” that are more like dots (they make it look kind of feminine/less intimidating), and the red area at the edge of Zoroark’s mouth looks sloppy (on the contrary, his tail looks AWESOME).

    However, that’s just me.

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