20 thoughts on “Vlog 2-11-2010”

  1. Oh man, and I was sad thinking you forgot about my b-day! >.< … lol, thank you for the b-day wish Brittain! ^_^

    Guys I ROFL so haaaard on this vlog episode it was the

    BEST.ONE.EVER!!!<3 <3 <3 (So far of course)

    Chase, that was hilarious. I *pepsi* love you! xD

  2. Loll that looks like about the amount of snow we have here right now. Although we had a lot more earlyer…..i hate snow! |3

    Another Awesome Vlog! It was full of lolz. |D

  3. That’s alot of snow for that part of the country. Global warming? Bull*pepsi*. I mean *PEPSI*! What the *pepsi* is going on with this world. Genocidal earthquakes, country destroying tidal waves, hurricanes that all but wipe cities off the map, and now over half a foot of snow in Texas? Holy *Pepsi*! Makes me glad I live in Albuquerue. Our air currents split the storm fronts so they wrap around the city. Literally. If a blizzard hits us the roads 20 miles in all directions are shut down, we get maybe a light snow that doesn’t stick.

    ANd sorry for all the profanity. Sometimes I get really *pepsi* worked up.

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