33 thoughts on “Vlog 2-12-2010”

  1. xD Britt got hit more than once :p Yay for Rob. Oh, and can’t wait for game night. Borderlands would be cool, but not alot people have it and Live.

    Question of Chase: How does a gaming headphones work? Where do you connect it and stuff like that?

  2. I wish I had live DX I’d love to play borderlands with you guys. If you did do a game that was multiplatform would you only do it on one, or multiple platforms?

  3. I’m jealous, you guys have way too much fun with snow. In Newfoundland we get snow from October to May(sometimes June) every year, so we eventually grow to hate it.

  4. Hahaha Britt’s throw didn’t even do anything. Chase was just like, “wut.” You guys are hilarious.

    And Ruju’s quote made me crack up during the stream, and even more when Britt read it back. xD

  5. lolol Britt you’re like Charlie Brown..WHEN WILL THINGS GO YOUR WAY.
    I’m loving how much fun you guys are having with snow, we don’t get it anywhere near as bad as Ferenc does here in Toronto, but I can relate with being sick of it after a certain point. We lack the appreciation for it!

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