15 thoughts on “Vlog 2-17-10”

  1. Ohhh the FF marathon, that’s when I first found TSG, that was a great week. Anyways, those bio pages look awesome, can’t wait for those to come out. Can’t wait for friday either, even though I don’t have a 360… hahaha, oh well, I guess I’ll just be in the chat room, and watch you guys.

  2. Awww! the FF Marathon was when I actually stick with TSG! I miss that one-week of craziness! <3<3

    I agree with you Brittain, this is also one of my favourites vlogs yet. Yay for Tyler appearing too! x3

    And OMG, Bios page is promissing to look awesome! Can't wait to see it! Great job Ana and Gwellin!(Y) <3

    And just a few more hours until a fun friday night with TSG! Wooot woot *__________*

  3. Hooray for community night! Looks liek I’m not going over to my friend’s house this weekend, so no Halo 3 playing for me! 🙁

    But Woah! Epic bios page, nice work guys! 😀

  4. Woot, awesome long lost footage (“My Mac’s still at Eastern Time… it’s 11:11!” xD ). And very glad my begging for bios updation payed off, it looks awesome guys! 😀 Good job on the illustrations Ana!

  5. I could swear I left a huuge comment here. O.o

    Anyway, great vlog guys. And aww FF Marathon! It was when I reeeeaaaaly met TSG and decided to stay! Seems like a looong time ago! *___*

  6. D:
    I won’t be able to make it to game night! D:D:
    (For reasons other than despise for the Halo series, no less.)

    I hope all of you participating have a wonderful time, though. To be honest, I am of the opinion that all or nearly all of the Community Game Nights be games where an excessive number of members can participate (thus striking Borderlands, Smash Bros., and Pokemans from the list). Unfortunately, thus means your choice of genre is severely limited.
    Ha! Wall of text.
    tl;dr: Can’t make it (sadfaces all around)

    As for the bios update: thanks Anatotitan and Gwellin for your hard work and/or dedication to TSG!

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