25 thoughts on “Vlog 2-20-10: “It’s Bacon!””

  1. I MISSED IT! /weep bitter tears of the damned

    Curse you headcold! Curse you Star Trek Online!

    I really need to get used to having a smartphone, it has a calender for stuff like this.

  2. xDD Oh gosh I remember that, one of the funniest moments on the community night! It was certainly great for sure!

    Holy moly!! 19 Days!! That is sure crazyness!! Definitely will get out and start promotion!

  3. At first i was like, awwww i wasn’t hear to say hi to the vlog, then tyler puts on the bacon…….. yeah. Also RUJU! Stop punting babaies without me!!! 🙁

  4. LOL Baccon Chapstick!? What the?! xD
    Dang, I had to miss this community stream night as well. They always seem to fall on the weekend i’m at my dad’s house. Oh well.
    Looks like it was a lot of fun! |D

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