What is so hard about a Final Fantasy VII remake? FFXIII staff tells you

Ever since the Final Fantasy VII tech demo shown off at E3 2005 Final Fantasy fans have been clamoring for a remake of the title, but Square-Enix constantly shoots it down. You may be wondering “why hasn’t there been one yet?”. Well, a few of the staff members for Final Fantasy XIII shared exactly why with PlayStation Blog.

If it’s just a case of attaining high resolution graphics, only, then that wouldn’t be that difficult, but if we were to achieve the same graphical standard as in XIII with a PS1 title, then that would be a huge, huge task. Almost unrealistic. Even with a PS2 title it would be difficult.” they replied when asked about a HD remake similar to God of War Collection.

In the case of God of War, there weren’t really that many characters in the game — the main character and some monsters, maybe ten people or so. That would not be unachievable. As with Final Fantasy titles in the past, like on PS1, even just the main characters amount to around 10 people. Then you have all the NPCs, you’re probably looking at about 200 characters total. All with individual textures for the skin, plus costumes, facial features and everything. That would be a really tricky job.

So there it is. Possible, but it would be a lot of work. Maybe one day we will have the title in HD, but for now we will have to continue to play its original glorious 3D graphics.

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