Capcom teases new downloadable title; Dark Void Zero selling well

Capcom has been doing a lovely job supply all of the consoles with some great titles via services like WiiWare, PSN, XBLA and they plan on supplying even more.

Capcom’s Chris Svensson spoke with Gamasutra. When talking about support for the downloadable market. He replied, “We have something we’re in the process of lighting up right now that I can’t talk about but I’m super excited about. I don’t want to be too nebulous here, but fans of a certain franchise will be very happy.

Capcom also teased a “huge announcement” not too long ago. Whether these are one in the same has yet to be seen.

Svensson also talked about how their DSiWare title Dark Void Zero is performing. “…it’s selling, just for the record, very, very well. We’re actually really pleased. In some ways, it’s actually exceeding my expectations as to how it did, so we’ll actually be looking at some other opportunities.

Which I’m sure they’re especially happy with since the console Dark Void title probably didn’t perform as well as they were hoping it would.

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