GT TV teasing announcement of new sequel from Sony

This Thursday on Game Trailers TV Sony will be revealing a new title that is a sequel. The trailer will be world premiered on Game Trailers TV at 12:30 AM on Thursday.

The last six months has been pretty strong in terms of software on the PlayStation 3, but we don’t know much about software they will be releasing later this year. Then again it could be for the PlayStation Portable.

Anything in specific you are hoping for a sequel to?

3 thoughts on “GT TV teasing announcement of new sequel from Sony”

  1. Hmm I wonder what it could be. Possibly a new Sly Cooper game? I believe that I read in an article recently that they never said they were done making those games.
    Also by 12:30 am does that mean in 3 hours or is it in another time zone?

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