Infinity Ward loses heads of company, Activision announces new plans for Call of Duty series

Infinity Ward’s Jason West and Vince Zampella have been confirmed to no longer be at Infinity Ward. When asked about exactly why Activision would not comment.

This whole fiasco isn’t stopping Activision though as they detailed plans for the upcoming entries in the Call of Duty Franchise.

As with tradition, Treyarch, developers of Call of Duty: World at War, will be releasing their latest offering for Call of Duty franchise this Fall. In the mean time Infinity Ward will continue working on Modern Warfare 2 downloadable content.

For 2011 though, Activision announced that a new team called Sledgehammer Games will be making a new Call of Duty title with a bit of a twist. This new entry in the series will expand into the action-adventure genre.

Off the top of my head the only thing I can think of is Zelda… with guns. I hope that isn’t it, but really it could be anything at this point.

Do you want Call of Duty roaming around in other genres? Or do you think it should keep to the first person shooter genre?

(Source: Kotaku)

4 thoughts on “Infinity Ward loses heads of company, Activision announces new plans for Call of Duty series”

  1. I think that Activision is making a lot of mistakes. While I understand it’s a business, they have cut some of thier best talent and are tearing apart the teams that are making the most money. So I honestly don’t know how Activision expects to continue to make money with the way they are conducting themselves.

  2. infinity ward should make a massive action campaign like Fallout 3 in a way but also have the original FPS multiplayer so people will do the epic campain but also play online. well thats what i think anyway

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