Itagaki’s new studio called Valhalla; talks about his next project

Tomonobu Itagaki had a bit of a stumble with Tecmo, but now he is back on his feet with a new developer called Valhalla which was founded by Satoshi Kanematsu, a previous employee at Tecmo.

Famitsu asked what Itagaki and Valhalla had up their sleeve and if he could share any details, but Itagaki said it was too early to reveal anything. Itagaki says at this point it can appear on almost any platform including PC, or maybe even on new hardware that might arise in the future.

When asked how many copies he was hoping to sell he said he wanted this new title to have double the penetration of his best selling title, Dead or Alive 3, which moved 2 million units.  Although he believes that it might go beyond that saying that he wants to sell 4 million units at the very least.

It is good to see Itagaki back. Let’s hope we get to see some details on his new title sooner rather then later.

(Source: andriasang)

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