Metroid Wrap-up

Wew! What a marathon. Thank you everybody who watched and participated, this truly was a great marathon. We raised $11,465 for Halton Autistic Family Support group (HAFS) during the marathon.

So many great moments and memes spawned from this fun filled weekend and also the introduction of Psychotaku Tyler T and Heath. They were all great additions to the team and I look forward to having them from here on out. Also a great job to the new op team, you guys performed great.

Our next marathon is the Mother/Earthbound Marathon, May 7-9 for Susan G Komen, we cannot wait!

Be sure to watch the vlog that will be released later tonight for a video Wrap.

24 thoughts on “Metroid Wrap-up”

  1. Just a super duper plain awesome marathon Britt, fun was had all weekend! 😀

    Everyone on op team 2 was great, Psycho was awesome, and Tyler 2/Heath were so silly. xD

    Cant wait for Mother, and the vlog tonight. ^^

  2. Well, I’m a bit sad that we didn’t reach our goal of $15K, but I had an awesome time watching it. Aswell as spamming for people to donate in the chat. Chase rocks for calling me “Fullmetal”.

    It was an awesome weekend, and a great earily birthday persent.

  3. Great marathon you guys, especially since you were able to do a blind run of Prime 2 in five mins haha. Looking forward to the next marathon.

    And awesome debut of Heath, Tyler T, and Psychotaku on appearing on the marathon!

  4. Great Marathon, although we didn’t reach our goal :(, next time for sure. Great job to everyone except… Tyler 2… who couldn’t finish his capri suns…. Haha Just kidding! Can’t wait for the next Marathon!

  5. This was a great marathon, sorry i couldn’t be there more often, but i will for sure next time. Also, I can’t wait for the next one that will be fun.

  6. I also wanted to thank for this amazing weekend-experience. What a beast of a marathon – (I am still very curious about the final Metroid Prime 2 time 😛 ). Thanks for entertaining me that well and I think I fell in love with Chase 😉

  7. Epic marathon! I’m kind of confused on a couple things though. Did my donation show up as $5 or $25? Apparently my mom’s credit card ended up getting an extra $20 charge for some reason :S

    Also, do you guys have a list of people who won a prize at this marathon? I’m curious to know who won!

    Can’t wait till Mother Marathon, guys! 😀

  8. This was such a great marathon. That sucks that you didn’t get your goal, but $11,465 is still a lot of money! But Metroid Prime 2 was best 5 minutes ever, it felt like 20 hours.

    Also Heath and Tyler 2 totally need to come back, they are some awesomeness! 😀

  9. The back to back Fusion run was epic. I recommend doing this for future marathons. Still amazing how Super Metroid and Fusion have the exact same finish times. 1:01! I also agree, please never do a blind run again. Until then…

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