Some Gamestops already giving out Monster Hunter Tri demos in NA; Capcom says no demo for Europe

Can’t wait to get your hands on Monster Hunter Tri? Some Gamestops are reportedly already giving the demo discs out, so you may want to give your local shop a call. Otherwise you will still have to wait till March 8th.

Unfortunately Europeans won’t be getting to try the game out before launch though. “To clarify things, the demo of Monster Hunter 3 will not be available to players outside the United States and Canada. For a simple reason, this demo is not playable on the Nintendo Wii from other regions.

That is a pretty lame excuse. At the very least Europeans will be getting the full release of Monster Hunter Tri on April 23rd.

(Early pick up source: GoNintendo)
(No demo for Europe via: GoNintendo)

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