Tecmo finally announces Tecmo Bowl Throwback

After a rumored existence and a ESRB rating, Tecmo finally decided to announce Tecmo Bowl Throwback. The title, as rumored, is a remake of Tecmo Super Bowl with an all new shell and some new features.

The title will have brand new 3D graphics, but if you are feeling nostalgic then you can change the graphics back to their old 16-bit selves.

Players can choose between three classic game modes including Preseason, Season and Pro Bowl. All the teams and players can be renamed , so if you wanted to do team Twilight vs. Pokemon then you could just that. Albeit only in name format. The rest is up to your imagination.

Then you can take team Twilight online with the new online multiplayer mode. There will also be online leader boards, so you can compare your stats with other players online as well.

Tecmo Bowl Throwback will be arriving on both PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade this spring.

(Source: Kotaku)

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