19 thoughts on “Vlog 3-01-10 “HQ””

    1. That’s not true at all, Rust. I’m using my PS3 to watch Lost right now. And over the weekend I used it to watch Supernatural, and some eps of Ghostwriter, and I don’t know HOW much Pokemon I’ve watched on it.

  1. Always gotta watch that fine print. Gets a person every time. That’s why I’m not back in college this semester. DAMN YOU FINE PRINT!

    Also: Since I’ve never got to do it,
    /end DBaggery

  2. it’s March first, Britt! xD

    Man, that PS3 bug was scary! O.o

    Well, too bad we didn’t make it… but I’m sure better things will come our way! Great vlog episode!^_^

  3. February 1st? Aw snap I get another birthday? Hopefully I won’t be sick the two days ahead again x3

    So that was the bug. Good thing I’ve been busy with Metroid. Hopefully PlayStation will release an official thing soon.

  4. Better the PS3s having temporary issues than permanent red-ringing type hardware issues….
    TSG HQ should be awesome whenever it finally comes to fruition!

  5. Woah good thing I decided not to play my AC2 on my PS3 >_>; Well awesome blog Britt, cant wait for the next one. And I am sorry to hear that the Pepsi thing didn’t work out 😐 Well I hope that the next month you will make it though :O Good luck TSG!

  6. Pepsi is such a ! Meanies >_> I hope it goes well next time! <3 Is the TSG HQ going to be a dark castle dangling over a cliff? Because I always imagined it like that.

  7. Guys, i am so embarrassed right now. I have now realized, i have made one of the most Stupid profile blunders in history. Instead of putting January 3rd, i put March 1st, not knowing that i had the order wrong. So i apologize, Britt, and to all of the TSG community. Can you forgive me for my Failititus disabuility?


  8. Wow, I’m lucky that I have a slim. I think I would of cried of a day without my PSN. All of the trophys I have on Assassin’s Creed 2 I would of lost 74%, lol

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