15 thoughts on “Vlog 3-02-10 “Oculin””

  1. The entries are really amazing! It’s a close race! I can’t wait to see who will win! 😀

    Can’t wait for the Metroid Marathon!!! x3

  2. I do think that is a bit ridiculous for an expansion but it is a game that stands on its own with alterations.. and like for me, I dont own the first SFIV, getting SSFIV at that price would be better. And I also heard that owners of SFIV that get SSFIV get extra content.

  3. To see the past birthdays after midnight you can switch your timezone in the forums for some place like Baker Island and then switch back. 😉

    Oculin really does a great job keeping the blog up with the news! He’s awesome <33

    And wow, can't believe we're this close to the marathon! Can't wait *__________________*

  4. Britt, that trailer was not played at the Nintendo Media Summit. I have my sources that went to the event and they said that trailer was new to them.

  5. Wait, that trailer is confusing. Is Samus saying she was young? I’m not clear on this one point. Also, was she naive? I watched it twice and I have no idea.

  6. Britt is surely getting better at making these vlogs, definitely getting more professional >.>;
    Great blog as usual and can’t wait for the Metroid marathon! 😀

  7. Oh whai Thank you for the compladamentz.

    And yeah, this is the different CG trailer then the one that was leaked from Nintendo’s Media Summit.

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