22 thoughts on “Vlog 3-03-10 “JETPACKS!””

    1. Lol Colin… The day you beat me in ANY Halo game is the day Kebby becomes the best halo player in the world.

      Dont count on it my friend.

      1. it’ll happen yah chase i teach and i reach slogan reach also once i get jet packs no stopping me,,, also you not that great you just play with nubs like james …

  1. I love sushi. I couldn’t eat it every night but at least once a month would be nice.
    I don’t own a 360 but the new halo game looks cool, especially the jetpacks!

  2. Ohhh, You`re bragging your fun sushi night with the boys again… I hate you Britt!!!! >(

    yay another Halo game for Chase to be own… err i mean… to pwn!!! <3

  3. Gotta love Youtube’s new transcribe feature.

    “Just got back from eating sushi with the guys.”

    Transcribes to

    “Just got back from institution, yes.”

  4. I could be wrong, but it seems like some old vlogs are getting eaten by the webpage. The “Getting Primed” or whatever one, for example, I don’t see currently on either page 1 or 2.
    Maybe the placement/order of the listing causes something to get lost between the cracks? Like the big (sticky) news posts bumping off some of the others that should be on page 1.

  5. About the Halo: Reach trailer…
    “Since when were they making a new Tribes game?”
    Sarsly. The ghost? The ‘packs? Loadouts?
    Equal to the Gravbike, the…jetpacks and loadouts. You get my point.

    Granted, I haven’t played a good multiplayer shooter like the ol’ Tribes 2 in ages…

    Looks like I’m gonna be missing out on a whole lotta marathon, guys. D: Like, the whole ending day-and-a-half. Sorry, TSG. D:D:D

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