18 thoughts on “Vlog 3-04-10 “Why is a Step There?!””

  1. wheelchair sign and yet there’s a step in front of the door. FAIL.

    hmm, I have a name for “cancer” and maybe one for “world poverty” but the one for “animal cruelty” I have no idea… Gotta do some research.

    Lol scorpion suckers. that thing looks so disgusting >.>

    Great vlog Brittain! I like the screen behind you. <3

  2. Return of the scorpion suckers…

    As for the step. It seems to be a pretty common feature for houses to have. Mine has one, as well. Strangely enough, my neighbor doesn’t have one.

  3. hmmm. you want us to recommend animal cruelty charities in the same vlog that you discuss eating scorpion suckers (which were likely subjected to animal cruelty in the manufacturing process, no?). now THAT seems to conflict as much as the handicap/step scenario, ha!

  4. Just a little under 8 days now until the Metroid Marathon starts 😀 lol the handicap step next to the door isnt made for people in wheelchairs XD

  5. Scorpion suckers are yummy xP

    and that picture….

    A handicap sign o.O? and no ramp or what if its there to let others know that theres a handicap person inside the house for emergency reasons @.@??

  6. If they get the use of their legs back between the time they took that ramp leading up to it and the time they reach that step, they’re all set!
    Actually I guess it’s… between the time they hit the button and the time they need to get up to use the step?

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