24 thoughts on “Vlog 3-16-10: “Metroid Memories””

  1. I’m sad Tight Pants/Body Rolls wasn’t played in that video.

    Great highlights Britt! It truly was an awesome marathon. Agreeably one of the best. Good thing Prime 2 never happened.

    Thanks to everyone who was a part of the marathon!

  2. lol Tiffanny and Jennifer were hilarious comentators, <3
    them the most! xD

    marathon was so great, good job guys…as usual! <3

    Love the fanarts, especially Kitsu's one with the OMG chugga! and the one saying "get well soon, Gwellin" lol so sweet! ^v^

    ok, gonna sleep now and probably dream about these songs and have them stuck in my head for the rest of the week. x_x

  3. >,< I was just about to post that you should of put the harmony song at the end but then "aaww yeeah* 8DDD wishes do come true =*D

    Awesome marathon and I never knew about Britt eating an egg @_@!!

  4. Just so you’re aware, trying to play the video on YouTube will have the audio disabled, I’m guessing because of the song you play at the very end. But the embedded version on the website plays just fine.

    Also, this marathon was awesome!

  5. i had fun making all that fanart *the Scruffy, Chinese pirates, the whole map(both of them), the food chain, the hand-drawn MP2. just to name a few

  6. You pranked called chugga XD I love you guys.
    Why did you eat an egg raw?!
    An official welcome from tsg, tyler t
    Grat marathon, wish i could have been there more, and hypno toad phil commands me to say “Your too slow”

  7. Too bad no one had a clip of Ferenc hopping in a circle while wearing red “jammies” and downing a bottle of Maple Syrup… I’m definitely recording the entirety of every marathon from now on!

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