12 thoughts on “Vlog 3-21-10 “Review: Street Fighter IV iPhone””

  1. The 10-scale is good. Might I suggest you making some sort of compilation of all the games you rated and their scores? My envisionment is a table listing the game, console, reviewer, score, and link to the video/article that gives the review. It’d be nice to have a concise method to get review scores.

    I fully understand the need to scale back on vlogs. School is such a time drainer.

  2. I don’t pay attention to scores on video games. I’ll watch the review but I don’t think any score system can show accurately how good or bad a game is.

  3. guys, i need a prayer request for the next vlog,

    Just a few moments ago my dad got off the phone with one of his closest friends, Tony. Tony’s wife, Wendy, was just informed that she has Stage 4 cancer. It has taken everyone by surprise. The cancer has pretty well attached itself to about every organ. The doctors have basically given her anywhere from 4 to 8 months. This has devastated this family.

    If you could please take a few moments in your day today to think of Tony and Wendy and their family would be very grateful.

    thanx. keep them in ur prayers TSG

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