Cammy Added Via DLC to iPhone Version of Street Fighter IV

If you thought the character roster was a bit light on the iPhone version of Street Fighter IV, there is some good new.

Capcom confirmed today that Cammy will be on the way via DLC. Thankfully, the content comes at the best price of all – free! But as of right now, Capcom has not announced when the character will be available or whether or not more characters will be on the way.

You can check out some screen shots and some gameplay after the jump.

If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out Britt’s review of the title.


One thought on “Cammy Added Via DLC to iPhone Version of Street Fighter IV”

  1. I’m kinda glad they are adding new characters to Street Fighter IV on iphone. As I said over on X-ism, it seems like they will also be adding more based on where her pic appears on the character select screen.

    Personally I’m a Pre owner and I’m hoping that Capcom sees fit to port the over to the Pre since the Pre is the only other platform capable of running the iphone version and it’d only take a few days to transfer over. Hopefully Capcom will try to get the best bang for their development dollars.

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