TenNapel Says Earthworm Jim 4 is NOT in Development

Yesterday, Earthworm Jim 4 was supposedly confirmed for Wii. Unfortunately, the confirmation turned out to be bogus. According to Earthworm Jim creator Doug TenNapel, his words were horribly misinterpreted.

TenNapel straightened things out in his own words. “I need some real press source to straighten out these rumors. I read the initial post by the guy who put up the drawing I did for him and almost NOTHING in the post he wrote was true. I’m getting piles of letters asking me to confirm or deny the post and from what I’ve read it’s total disinformation.

TenNapel did comment on the current status for the title though. “Interplay actually wants to do the game right! We’ve been talking about a game now for two years. They want me to be involved, but times in games are tough right now for everyone. They have to raise a lot of money to fund the game properly. So the way the guy posted it as Interplay wanting to do a rip off game is flat out false. In our early discussions about the game, we had tentatively brainstormed ideas for the Wii. That is NOT a confirmation like the guy posted. We haven’t presented the idea to Nintendo and all of what the guy posted in the article could actually jeopardize a real EWJ game coming out on the Wii, by Interplay involving me!

So currently a no go on a new Earthworm Jim title, but it seems Interplay is interested in the project. In the mean time, we will just have to enjoy the DSiWare and HD remake of the first title.

(Source: Gamesradar)

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