22 thoughts on “Vlog 4-21-10 “FanGamer””

  1. Vlog 4-21-10 β€œFanGamer”

    Britt: “vlog for 4-20-09” @_@ lol

    and “That game” :OO!!! sweet!

    also…I just got home from work and those chicken wings just made me hungry e.e;;

  2. Man.. this is getting me totally hyped-up for the Mother Marathon. I can only imagine how fun and chaotic the chat will be during the mario marathon.

  3. At first I thought the prize was the stapler.
    Then you said there was another prize and reached for the stapler but it turns out it was just lousy Mother 1+2.


    1. I’m with Rust here, I was really looking for the chance to win that awesome black stapler, why do you have to make me cry, Brittain, why?! T_T

      lol, oh man, i keep forgeting to PM you about some prizes ideas i have, gotta remember next time I’m in the forums! >.>

      So you sports-crazy you, did your mavericks win? =O

  4. MOTHER 1+2!! :O

    Holy moly, thanks Yuso, Ruju and cow! You guys are awesome!

    Rofl at Tyler saying “What are you doing with the Level 2 Voltorb?!”, that juggler is so silly xP

    Mother marathon is gonna be AH-MAY-ZEENG!! πŸ˜€

  5. happy titled birthdays :O Also they say my eyes grew three times wider today from the epic charitableness, of yuso, ruju, and cow.
    before: -.-
    after: O.O

  6. Maybe you should give away some of those cords you’ve got lying around your room as prizes, you certainly have enough of them!

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