16 thoughts on “Vlog 4-27-10 “Partner up””

  1. 😀 You pronounced my handle right! You have no idea how happy that makes me. I didn’t realize phonetically difficult this handle was till I ya’ll started answering my chat questions during marathons, and that’s 12 years of use! That’s right. I’ve used ‘Kairamek’ as a name longer than Pokemon has been in the US.

    Side note: “Start recording”? Are you guys gonna have to break it up? I was so hoping you’ld go for a single segment run so Tyler could get the Twin Galaxies record.

    Apropos to nothing: OMG CHUGGA! I wanna hold him….. in the moonlight…
    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  2. Oops, I was a little confusing with my wording about windwaker, but I think we are going to do the commentary and gameplay all in 1 take. Should be pretty sweet!

    1. I think “epic” might be the word of choice there. Also, would be the best single segment submission of all time the Twin Galaxies verification crew. “Oh goody, 516 minutes /sigh Some days my job…. they commentaried? These guys are pretty funny.” And if we’re lucky… “This is so entertaining we should promote their charity website.” *crosses fingers*

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