Mario Marathon details (updated)

It’s almost here folks,  June 11th-18 starting at 6pm cst , our week long Mario marathon for ACT Today (Autism Care and Treatment).
We will be playing nearly 40 Mario titles live here on our website,
The gameplay will be streamed with video commentary as well as chatroom so that viewers can interact with us and  each other.

Here’s video of a local news report on us to help give better insight on what exactly we do:


Donkey Kong champ Steve Wiebe will be participating in the marathon. As soon as we get appearance times, we will post them here.

Fangamer is once again supporting our cause with their upcoming shirt design “Pipe Vault”. During our Mother marathon for Susan G Komen, $1,800 was raised through their “Smaaaash” shirts.

Want to know what games will be played and when? We’ve made a detailed schedule that the viewers can follow. We will have to stick to our schedule closely.  If a game is not finished at the time it’s scheduled to end, we will  move on to whatever is scheduled. However, each night from Midnight-6am cst is “catchup time”. We will use this time to catch up on any games we did not finish and if we are all caught up you will see games like Mario Kart, Mario Party,Smash Brothers and other party games.

V.2 of the Mario Marathon schedule after the break! Minor changes are subject to change.

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  1. Bowser’s Inside Story? To be honest this looks alot more confusing than anything… With part 1 here then part 2 the next day or a couple days later. Also, why a 16-star run of Mario 64, thats abusing glitches and sort of takes up time… Meh, probably doesn’t matter what I think.

    1. Bowser’s inside story is the only game featuring Mario that is not being played. We do not have a runner, not to mention the way we have to capture DS games is extremely frustrating for the person who is playing. So playing a 12 hour plus game not being able to move is very hard to do. Also, games are always played on simultaneous days, never spread apart by a couple of days and for the most part they are even keep the same time slot. This is to accommodate both the viewers and players. We are playing video games for a week straight and having a lone player play a game for half a day and then turn around to have to play another game is not something we want to do. For a 72 hour marathon that’s a week we would go insane.

      1. Yeah, you’ll notice there are two separate Mario 64 runs each with its own player. First we’re going to 100% it, then later on show Alan’s 16-star run.

    2. And having played Bowser’s Inside Story myself, I could easily tell you it would be a PAIN to capture. It’s touch screen heavy, and on several occasions, you need to turn the DS sideways as if it was a book you were reading. And doing that with a camera attached to the system would be nearly impossible.

  2. Ugh, Hotel Mario? Good luck with that one… I’m gonna be there for as much as I can, but I do turn 21 on the 12th, so I might not be around that night, if you catch my drift…

  3. 12 hours set for Super Mario RPG? Seriously? It’s a 10 hr game if you take your time. If you’re speed running it should be well under 8.

  4. Must’ve been a lot of work even just to type “Mario” that many times 😛
    By the end, you’ll all sprout mustaches and talk in italinglish!

  5. very nice list! Found one game i couldnt find on your list though. Mario’s time machine. havnt looked into it, could be a silly game that doesnt really have a way to beat it, not sure. Just thought i would share that with yas.

    Cant wait for this marathon to start! more stoked than the final fantasy marathon(my first one)!

  6. cool cool, i thought that you guys were just doing the 3d and 2d mario games, i did not know it was also the rpgs, partys, or anything that has the mario/wario name on it, which makes sence, cause those game will make the week not repetitive. also, maybe i missed it, but i dont see Wario 3 on the list, that was my favorite wario game!

  7. Oh man I can’t wait, I’m totally going to pick up and play Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 in honor of the event!! Lol what can I say? I got a big heart. Seriously though you guys are gonna rock and I’m ‘onna tell everyone I know to tune in!!

  8. If possible, why not sell DVD’s of these performances? I know that I would buy. I say this because in less than ten years, so many of these games are going to be so hard to come by, and I want to be able to see/share them with others later in life.

    1. there was suppose to be a dvd release of the megaman marathon but idr what happend i think he lost most of the video and he just decided to post w/e he had onto the site, also another good question is where the book is with all the mother marathon 2 fanart

  9. I can’t wait for this marathon! Oh and Britt, one last time, since I know you look at this…

    “Toadsworth Twirl!”

    Oops, wrong thing. What I meant to say is “Britt can I finally come to the marathon if I donate tonz of money!?!”

    I know this marathon will be one of my favorites for a long time. 😀

  10. I see you’re allowing yourselves some wiggle room with the catch-up times. This is a good idea, you never know what kind of inconveniences can happen to you, especially in the RPG games.

    I’m really looking forward to this.

  11. Hey where is this event to be held. I heard it was in texas but where in texas? I would like to know as I live in texas and have assperger sydrome a form of autismn.

      1. Well I live in Texas, in the DFW area, and I have asperger’s syndrome as well, and I would like to be there.

        But I get the feeling that it’s a PRIVATE area that’s only given out to the users who will be playing the games. Is that right? Probably. :U

        Well, darn.

  12. Chris, nowhere did it say they were playing all of the Mario games. It reads “We will be playing nearly 40 Mario titles live here on our website”.

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