Pk Fire Sale

From Fangamer’s newsletter:

PK Fire Sale!

“Steve slayed the backlog-monster, but we unintentionally oversold some shirts — Chronometer, in particular, was very popular at the convention. We need to reprint several other items as well, but funds are a little tight.

With that in mind, we’ve devised our first-ever PK Fire Sale to clear out some old stock (especially women’s sizes!) and get things rolling again. You can get 10% off $25+ with the coupon FIRESALE-ALPHA, 15% off $50+ with the coupon FIRESALE-OMEGA, and the first 50 people to use either coupon get a free Patch Pack!

On top of that, we’ve discounted some of our older merch like Flinter, Pandora’s Happy Box, the Punk Boards, and EB9X. Combine these discounts with the coupon and you’ve got a rare chance to get a pretty incredible deal on some merch! Just remember, the PK Fire Sale will last for less than a week, so you’ll need to move quick if you want to snap up the few popular sizes we’ve got left over!  ”

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