Steam hits the Mac, Linux in the future

Valve has just released it’s Mac version of the Steam client from Beta. It is now available to all Mac users. Today Portal is immediately available, as well as Runic Games’ Torchlight, but every Wednesday they will add more games from the massive library of games currently only available on Windows.

The best part about all this is if you already own the Windows version of a game through Steam, then when/if it is built for Mac, you will get it for free. Further, all Mac gamers will be able to play online games, such as the upcoming Team Fortress 2, on the same servers as their Windows comrades.

This holiday season, Portal 2 will be released for both Windows and Mac on the same date, as will all future Valve releases. The updates Source engine should also make it much easier for third-party developers to port their game. Also announced today was a Linux version of Steam in development, bridging the gaming gap between all operating systems.

Download Steam for Mac

Steam For Mac Launch Details Revealed

UPDATE: Portal is also FREE until May 24th for both Windows and Mac!

3 thoughts on “Steam hits the Mac, Linux in the future”

  1. Yes steam to linux. I played around with and I like it. Once you learn how to install suff its great. The only reason I stick with windows is because I love PC games. If most of my games were ported to linux I would ditch windows all together.

  2. What, free Portal?! I was going comment along the lines of “awesome, I’ll download it and probably buy Portal if it’ll run on my MacBook with Intel’s GMA 950”. But now I don’t have to. I’ll just download it and hope for the best. 🙂

  3. Just tried it and while people have been able to play Portal on a GMA 950 under Windows, it doesn’t work under OS X. The menus don’t work (no text is displayed) so I can’t even turn down any settings to try and make the game run. Disappointing, but not entirely unexpected.

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