Suda 51 Says Killer 7 Sequel Will “Probably Never Happen”

Goichi Suda, in the past, has shown interest in creating a sequel to the 2005 sleeper hit, Killer 7. Unfortunately, it seems things may be out of his hands.

When speaking with CVG, Suda spoke briefly on the chances of a sequel happening. He said he personally would like to make one, but things aren’t looking bright. “Unfortunately, Capcom owns the rights, so it’ll probably never happen.”

Unfortunately, we may never see another title in the series. On the bright side, Capcom is a company that listens to fans. Considering how poorly the first one sold, I think Capcom is one of the few companies who would actually consider reviving the property. Although ideally, it would have been nice if Grasshopper owned the rights.

But for now, fans will have to be happy with the Killer 8 mode in Killer 7.

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