Super Mario Galaxy 2 “11 uoıssıɯsuɐɹʇ” and “12 uoıssıɯsuɐɹʇ

Transmission 11 and Transmission 12 show off some power up gameplay.

Transmission 11 has Star Mario running around and destroying enemies. Hopefully the power up will appear more often in Super Mario Galaxy 2. I recall it only being used a few times in the original which is sort of disappointing. But then again, it was the first time we had seen it in 3D Mario.

Transmission 12 is more blimp Mario gameplay along with some more cylinder world gameplay as well.

You can check out both transmissions after the jump. You can pick up Super Mario Galaxy 2 in North America in a little over a week on May 23rd.

Transmission 11


Transmission 12


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