XSEED Games Bringing Ivy the Kiwi? to North America

XSEED has announced that they will be localizing the Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii titleĀ  Ivy the Kiwi? this Summer.

Ivy the Kiwi? is similar to Kirby Canvas Curse. Players draw vines to direct Ivy through mazes. Players can swing the vines around to launch the Ivy or raise ivy to higher platforms. You can check out some japanese gameplay videos for both the DS and Wii version after the jump.

Ivy the Kiwi? is developed by PROPE which is headed by Yuji Naka who is most famous for the Sonic series. So far, the only titles PROPE has developed outside Ivy the Kiwi? is Let’s Tap, Let’s Catch, and a handful of iPhone titles.

More then often, soon after XSEED picks up a title for North America Rising Star Games will pick it up for Europe. So Europeans, keep your eyes peeled.

Nintendo Wii version


Nintendo DS version


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