Mario Marathon Wrap-up

I can say without a shadow of a doubt that the Mario Marathon was by far my favorite marathon. It’s bitter sweet that it’s all over. Bitter to say good bye to all of my friends and the fun we had, sweet that we raised nearly $60,000 for ACT Today and I can now rest. There’s no way we could have done this without all of you; Donators, promoters and viewers.

A humongous thanks goes out to What they did for our marathon and ACT Today was phenomenal. Nearly $10,000 was raised through their T-shirts, AMAZING.

I’m currently working on a commemorative video that will be posted late tomorrow and Tuesday at the lastest.

Thanks again,


36 thoughts on “Mario Marathon Wrap-up”

  1. Absolutely amazing marathon! Over 20 hours of overtime is proof that people *wanted* the marathon to be as big a success as it was, both from the viewers such as myself and each and every speedgamer!

  2. First Marathon I watched and I got hooked. Watched nearly 100 hours even if starting to watch you guys quite late and for sure it won’t be the last time. Maybe I’ll even get to donate during a few of the coming up marathons. Keep up the good work guys.

  3. i had to leave on thursday and i missed the rest of the marathon. could someone maybe give me a recap of what happened? the donations were just at around 30k when i left, did someone make a huge donation later on or something? i was really happy to see that you could reach your goal.

    thanks in advance and gl with your other marathons.

    1. Thanks a ton Britt, and everyone else in TSG and their support folks (that’s you ops!) it was a wonderful marathon. I really wish there was more I could do to help out! Who knows, maybe one day I’ll wiggle my way into playing a game on your side stream or something.

  4. Best Marathon Ever? Definitely xover9000~!!!!
    I couldn’t stop watching you guys since I turned on my computer on friday~
    I’m so happy you all made PAST the goal of 50K :]

    Can’t wait for your next marathon <3

  5. Maybe I started watching on thursday… But I sure watched alot of it, and I’m glad I didn’t miss the end of the marathon. You can count me in the next one!

  6. i hate to see the words, “Marathon Wrap Up” because i always know that means its the end and nothing else will follow until the next marathon… 🙁

    cool thing is every marathon so far has a been a game series i love… ant that continues next time as well 🙂 – (i hope these come through as the yellow face things…)

    until next time guys… See Ya! ;D

  7. Yeah it’s an end to a great marathon. I know it’s sad but we will see them again. Besides this marathon really got me to want to stick around TSG. I was only just checking TSG on occasion. But don’t fret TSG will be back in August.

    Also, I give everyone a hug for being awesome and doing so well during this marathon.

  8. It was so awesome being apart of this marathon, my first and definitely not last one too. You guys really are amazing individuals and im glad i got into it and helped donate to a great cause. Ill be watching again in August!

  9. it was amazing thats all i got to say. i was glued to the computer from tuesday all the way until the end on saturday. looking forward to the AC/ubisoft marathon. see you all then.

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