TSG HQ Q&A Wrapup

Alittle over an hour ago is when the Q&A wrapped up, and I must say it was very informative.

Rakuen made a very detailed list of some of the finer details mention about the HQ. I’ll drop a few of the more interesting details here.

  • Membership pricing? 6 month = $12. 1 year = $20.
  • Coming in and playing? ~$10 for a day pass. Will also offer hourly, $5 an hour?
  • Each night of the week want to highlight different games. Nightly streaming with Shoutcasting (aka commentary).
  • Marathon attendance will use a ticket system, since space might be an issue

The guys also recorded the Q&A Session on ustream, watch it after the break.

16 thoughts on “TSG HQ Q&A Wrapup”

  1. yea, he said the bad word, but i just had an idea, a buck for every curse word said towards the charity during the next marathon by commentators or people playing them lol 😛

  2. So according to Tyler and Chase at 1:20 I’m nobody and I’m not important… =(

    *runs to a dark little corner,turns in fetal position and starts to cry* T_T

    waaaaaayy to breake my heart, you meanies! </3

    but it's FINE,OK?! I still have love from Brittain! xP

      1. You use the term gentleman too loosely. Don’t get me wrong, I like the guy, but anyone who uses that many puns is not a gentleman. I include myself in that last sentance.

  3. Keep at it Britt, try some angel investors/etc if needed… maybe someone even reading this knows someone you could talk to.
    If not, everyone remember, if you send and they meet their goal it lets them take it up a pretty big notch, and if you don’t it’ll go to charity anyway! But we all know we want TSG to be our charity for a change 😛

  4. I just watched it all. 🙁

    I live in Australia, but I’ll definitely go to the HQ one day. Even if there are branches all over the place by the time I can, I’ll still go to the original at least once.

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